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Sunday, December 4, 2016


Sekali jatuh,
Dua kali bangun.
Kalau dah berkali-kali jatuh sampai tak mampu nak bangun?

Terlalu banyak "kehilangan" sampai rasa nak hilangkan diri terus.
Bukan sekali, bukan dua kali hilang,
Tapi dah berkali-kali.

And i wonder, am i gonna losing again?

I've lost many, many of my once called friends before.
They said that it was once my fault.
But nah, why didn't any of them help me? Fix me?
Yet they just left me in the dark, alone.
And i think the history repeat again, without i didn't even know what am i doing.
Too afraid to ask because she was not truly a strong girl to heard any kind of answer.
So she just depressed herself and woke up with the tears.

I've once lost myself, and i thought that i already found myself.
But actually i just keep going losing myself without i realize it.

That's why you should never break the promise that you made to yourself.
"Never get yourself attached to anyone because in the end, you can't bear the separation"

I'm fucking tired with everything, tired with every misunderstanding, tired with those who are full with judgement without never try to ask.
I'm just tired, and realize that no one deserve my worries and attention.

There's only more or less than 16 months to be here, stay strong dearself.