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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Screw those feeling

Sometimes i wonder, and wonder, and wonder, again and again. Did the wrong that i'd done were too big that i have to deserve all this pain?
And i think, yes. 
It was a very big-stupid mistake.
I swear that this kind of feeling hurts me so much. It makes me feel suffocated and drowned.
I've lost everything and now i feel like i lost myself too.
Sometimes i wonder, am i too stupid or did the reality are too cruel?
Saying myself a stupid girl because still thinking about the one that maybe never think about me.
I do miss all those things, all those jokes, all those memories.
Thought that i forget everything but why did i still crying over that?
Admit that i had done a very big mistake and i swear that i want to turn over the time again.
Why must i know someone that i shouldn't know? Why must i act stupid again and again?
And today, here i am, crying over those old photos again.
Still remember the first time we talked together, how you get to know my friend and how i get to know you.
Still remember all those naughty things that we did.
I wish that i can say sorry, but i just can't.